Keren Who?

I knew nothing about Keren Hart when I was asked to be a blog contributor. Such is the case with most wholesale companies across the globe with which the average consumer has no relationship. Most of the time we’ve never even heard the name of a wholesale company, let alone have knowledge of what they manufacture or who manages their distribution. So I thought it was a bold move for the leadership of Keren Hart to ask someone who had never even worn their clothing to write about their company.Notice I stated the leadership asked me to blog. What I quickly learned is the leadership at Keren Hart has a hands-on approach to everything that happens behind the scenes, and especially in its high level of service to its retail customers. Let’s face it, any company can use the catch phrase of ‘priding itself on good customer service’, but not every company can claim the five people at the top of its organizational chart answer customer calls as often as their customer service staff. Keren Hart has those bragging rights, but they never brag. They simply believe it’s the right way to do business.

A family-owned and operated wholesale company like Keren Hart whose primary retail customers are often family-owned themselves, know how critical it is to treat people as more than an account number. Say the name of a shop or boutique and the Keren Hart leadership and sales representatives can name the owner or buyer from that establishment off the top of their head without consulting a computer. For more than 30 years, they’ve been building relationships and partnerships with their customers, not simply amassing a sales list. Their success is evident in the loyal following of retail customers nationwide who have come to trust Keren Hart’s quality products and reputation. They listen carefully to their customer’s challenges and successes in the retail world and it actually helps them shape the direction they move their seasonal fashion lines in for the future. Fashion, that in my opinion, is developed both by the runway and by what retailers hear the average woman wants to wear.

While all this is great for the retailer eager to sell Keren Hart products, where does that leave someone like me, the individual consumer? How do I begin to have a relationship with Keren Hart?

If you’ve ever worn Keren Hart apparel, you’ve got the strongest relationship already. Whether it’s cosmetics or cars, clothing or shoes, women are loyal to the brands they love and return to them repeatedly. Keren Hart retails well because women simply enjoy wearing their clothing, something I can personally attest to as a new fan myself. But the interesting thing about Keren Hart’s label is that you won’t find it in a big box store or national department store chain. You’ll find Keren Hart in a local boutique or independently owned shop in your neighborhood. You might find them in an online fashion catalog, in a regional chain, or in a specialty shop or gift shop at home or while on vacation. The majority of Keren Hart’s retail customers are the smaller businesses in our own cities and towns across America that help our local economies thrive. While that can sometimes make the Keren Hart label difficult to find when we’re searching for something new to buy, it also gives the individual consumer incredible power in the fashion that boutiques and specialty shops carry. Individual consumers tend to have a much closer-knit relationship with the clothing shop down the street, than they do the national chain at the mall. If a retailer unfamiliar with Keren Hart is suddenly asked about the brand frequently or if a retailer who carries Keren Hart sells out of stock quickly, it’s the voice and the buying power of the individual consumer that drives the retailer’s choices in the future.

Question is, would you recognize Keren Hart on the rack? In years past, probably not because their fashion line was hidden behind the wholesale screen viewable only by their retail customers. But Keren Hart’s bold entrance into the world of social media is changing that. Through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and here in their blog, they are introducing the versatility, vibrancy and femininity of their designs to the general public. A not-so-subtle invitation for women worldwide to get to know the heart – or should I say Hart – of their style.


  • Louise Gray says:

    This is my first introduction to Keren Hart and I love the items that I purchased in a very small boutique in Berthoud, CO. (I don’t live there) I especially love the crocheted top I purchased. I went to your website to see if I could do some more shopping, but apparently you only sell to retailers? If this is the case, does anyone in the Fort Collins area sell your product line? Are you on Facebook?
    Thank you!

  • Heidi Johannessen says:

    Hello: do you have a list of your retailers online? I would like to buy more of your items. I live in Washington State near the Tacoma area and my sister lives in Oregon near the Eugene area. Thank you!

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