The Language of Lace

From the high collars of the 16th century, to the flapper chic dresses of the 1920s and the fingerless gloves of the 1980s, fashion designers have had a love affair with lace. Different from its trendy crochet sister, lace transcends time and continues to be popular largely because of its tremendous versatility. (more…)

The Heart of the Matter

I recently asked a group of friends ranging in age from 23 to 64 to define “Missy” or “Misses” fashion. Every one of them referred to it as more of a size rather than a style. In the fashion industry, Missy does indeed refer to the cut of a garment but traditionally it has also been defined as conservative fashion for mature women.

Keren Hart has a long history of wholesaling Missy apparel but doesn’t subscribe to such a rigid definition of Missy style. (more…)

Keren Who?

I knew nothing about Keren Hart when I was asked to be a blog contributor. Such is the case with most wholesale companies across the globe with which the average consumer has no relationship. Most of the time we’ve never even heard the name of a wholesale company, let alone have knowledge of what they manufacture or who manages their distribution. So I thought it was a bold move for the leadership of Keren Hart to ask someone who had never even worn their clothing to write about their company. (more…)