Hooked on Crochet

Nothing gets me a compliment faster than wearing a crochet top! While some crochet styles can be a bit tricky in finding the right camisole or tank to layer beneath, it’s the perfect addition to any spring wardrobe.

Keren Hart Spring 2016

Keren Hart Spring 2016

With a wide variety of unique patterns it lends itself so well to color that even dark hues showcase its intricate detail, and bold colors pop with eye-catching vibrancy.

Lightweight and feminine, you can easily dress it up or pair it with your favorite casual apparel for a soft, subtle spring ensemble.


  • pam edwards says:

    We would like to order using your website.

    • Tina Gleason says:

      That’s great, Pam! We’re going to email you directly with some instructions on how to do that.

  • Joan Garton says:

    Any chance this beautiful top comes in different colors?

    Thank you

    • Leigh Arthur says:

      Thanks for your question and the compliment, Joan! Our crochet styles and colors vary from season to season. The crochet top featured in the photo did come in a couple different colors, however that particular garment is no longer available.

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