Product Images For Download


  • Catalog Product Images include the entire product line regardless of whether styles are still available or sold out.  Images are high resolution for your convenience.  To download a product image, click the link and type in your style number.  All colors for that style will be presented.  Right click on the image to save it to your computer.
  • Spring and Fall Lifestyle Images have been sized for convenient use on social media.  The links direct you to all lifestyle images available for that particular season.  Right click on the image to save it to  your computer.

Guidelines for Use

In downloading Keren Hart product photos you agree to the following guidelines for use:

  • While you are welcome to use our images for your advertising purposes, please do not remove the Keren Hart logo from images that contain it.
  • For images not featuring our logo, we request that you indicate in text whenever possible that you are displaying a Keren Hart product.
  • Keren Hart reserves the right to revoke access and permission to use our photos at any time if they are being used inappropriately or if they are being labeled as another fashion designer or company.

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