The History of Keren Hart

Keren Hart, LTD, a vital, trending and ever-changing member of the wholesale fashion industry in America has its roots in small town America in Herrin, Illinois.

When M.P. Zwick came to town and sold items house-to-house in the early 20th century, the fabric of what was to become a successful walk into the merchants’ world came into play. Leon Zwick, son of M.P. and Lizzie Zwick, born in 1905, opened Zwick’s Ladies Store in Herrin. It would become a tremendous success and serve as an anchor for the many dress shops for men and women that decorated the streets of the city from the early 1900’s until the 1990s.

Leon’s son, Malcolm Zwick would step into the business and open Concept Two, both in Herrin and at University Mall in Carbondale.

Malcolm and his brother-in-law, Jim Storch, husband of Marilyn, branched from the retail stores into the wholesale clothing company, Keren Hart, in the 1980’s. Malcolm remains President with oversight and consulting services. Jim, who is retired from the business, remains an Emeritus Officer. Keren Hart, LTD. Is named after the daughter of Malcolm and Carol Zwick.

The business is located in a warehouse building on the east side of town owned by the City of Herrin. Merchandise is co-designed by the current management of Keren Hart, sales representatives and international vendors.

The fourth generation is now making their mark with quality production and smart clothing choices for women. Current partners include Burton Zwick, Chief Operating Officer and Vice President; Matt Falmier, Chief Logistics Officer and Secretary; and Adrienne Storch, Production and Technical Administrator. While Keren Hart’s distributional warehouse is located in Herrin, sales representatives market the product throughout the U.S. The merchandise can be found in women’s clothing stores, catalogues throughout the country and even Cracker Barrel Restaurants.

From the inception of the first Zwick store to the current success of Keren Hart, the owners commend their dedicated employees from the early retail days to the present. They give thanks  to all who make it happen.

Keren Hart will be honored at the Herrin Mayor’s HerrinFesta Italiana Honoree Banquet, Tuesday, May 21 at the Herrin Civic Center and lead the Grand Festa Parade with the other Honorees May 25.

Mayor Steve Frattini says “The Success of Keren Hart is a blue ribbon for our town. Their hard work, their complete dedication to economic growth and their involvement means Keren Hart, LTD will continue an enterprising and successful run deep in southern Illinois. We are honored to have them working in our community and the rich business history they bring to the table.”

The Keren Hart Brand

Keren Hart designs classic, stylish and high-quality Missy and Plus-Size clothing for the sophisticated woman. We want women of all shapes and sizes to feel exceptional in the clothesthey wear. From knits, woven shirts, skirts, jackets, sweaters, to outerwear, Keren Hart is designed with the modern woman in mind. Keren Hart
is always comfortable and perfect for any occasion. From relaxing, to work, to a night out on the town, she’ll look her best and feel her best in Keren Hart. 
The Keren Hart Brand also comes with a commitment to value above and beyond exceptional quality and a sterling reputation. Having served the clothing industry for decades, Keren Hart customers are treated like family and we enthusiastically believe that stylish clothing should be within reach for all. We believe that fashion is a  means of self-expression, and our goal is to empower women to feel confident and beautiful in what they wear.
Our professionals seek outthe best materials at the best prices for Keren Hart Brand and pass this along to clients all over North America.

The Keren Hart look will have heads turning. The Keren Hart value will earn shoppers for life. 

The Mission

Our mission at Keren Hart is to provide stylish, high-quality women's clothing at wholesale prices, while maintaining the personal touch and exceptional service that comes from being a family-owned and operated business.

From Our Heart To Yours

At Keren Hart, we take pride in exceptional customer service, which has been paramount to our success for over 100 years of Zwick family ownership. From a small retail store, to the wholesale business that now operates out of a 15,000 square foot facility in the Mid-West, our hands on approach ensure that clients are treated like family and receive personalized attention on each and every order. Our focus is on private label programs and women's apparel for retailers whose customers enjoy a casual but trendy lifestyle.

Keren Hart is proud to be a dynamic and progressive part of the fashion industry. We partner with thousands of specialty shops and retailers in North America. Our products cover all the seasons from knits to woven shirts, skirts to jackets – all produced with the consumer in mind. While we have a strong concentration in women’s clothing, we also produce children’s and men’s clothing as well as company uniforms.

Our team of experienced Keren Hart Brand professionals ensure timely delivery and quality control for all orders, making us a reliable and trusted partner for retailers across North America.

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